Evil Eye and the Charm

downloadEvil eye and the Charm is a 2015 book by Neil D’Silva. It is a collection of 3 short stories inspired by the very Indian lemon chilli charm. Yes the lemon chilli that we see hanging around in cars, at shops and sometimes at the entrance of houses. Whether you are the superstitious sort or not, the sight of lemon and chillies tied in a string, does make you steer clear away from it. So what is it about this charm which makes it so dreaded? These three eerie stories might be the answer.

First of all I must confess that I really like the name of the book, it is intriguing isn’t it? and then the cover carried the picture of a lemon tied in a string with some red and green chillies, there is no way I would not have read this one!

The three stories A Grave Situation [no pun intended, Grave indeed], Last Juice [again not metaphorically, last indeed] and Chain Reaction [oh yes, you got that!] will make you shiver.  This the third book of the author that I have read and I must say he simply is a master of dark, horror stories. And despite the fact that I was spooked enough after reading the 1st one, I just couldn’t stop myself from reading the rest. Talk of being under a charm, anyone?

So go ahead give this a read and get spooked!

5 Replies to “Evil Eye and the Charm”

  1. Never heard of this concept of the lemon Chili charm. I eat food with lemon and chilis though and that’s pretty good. The book sounds like a good read.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out


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