Parenting in the age of Facebook

I have never been into self-help books, not that I have anything against them, but I somehow have never got around to reading any. So probably I would have never come around to reading this one, if I hadn’t received this as a gift for completing a challenge. The name of the book immediately caught my attention and being mother to a toddler, I found myself automatically drawn towards it. I am so glad that I read it.

ParentingWritten by Marzia Hassan, the book aims to address the perennial problem that we parents, who did not grow up amidst so much of technology and gadgets, face of making sense of how the world wide web is impacting our the lives of our children or like the writer says ‘The net generation‘. The book is structured very well, wherein the author takes the pain of first dissecting what is it that we as parents or our children have to deal with and then gradually takes about ways and means to tackle the problem. She starts with Facing Reality where she tries to establish though various parent interviews what is it that our children are doing online? The 2nd part is dedicated to Assessing the Impact of Technology, here she deals with issues such as impact on Physical and mental development, The need to confirm to a certain image online, the changing channels of communication [how we tend to shy away from talking to someone in person while we are confident of interacting even with utter strangers when online]. The third and the final part is where she tries to find solutions. And the biggest take away for me from the book was the creation of tech-free times for self and at home because with the ever thinning line between work and home, I do find myself guilty of working from home even after I am back from work. Even though I make it a point to spend time playing with my child, I do unconsciously pull out my phone to read that funny forward from a friend or to answer a work related call.

Backed by a lot of research and real life case studies and interviews with parents, the book is a must read. You will be surprised to find out that what you assume to be normal or un-alarming is actually an early warning sign that your child needs help.

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