Other Side of Midnight and Memories of Midnight

SydneyI am a Sidney Sheldon fan girl. Like you have comfort food, Sheldon for me is comfort read. After a couple of heavy duty reads, I have to unwind with a Sheldon.  It works wonders for me if I am stressed or overworked. Fast paced, intriguing plots, strong female protagonists, irresistible men and a block buster climax, what more can you ask for?  And given that most of my Sheldons are second hand buys from College Street in Kolkata or from various railway stations, they have nostalgia written all over it

The OtherPublished in 1973, The Other side of Midnight is the story of two women, Catherine Alexander and Noelle Page. Two completely different women separated by continents, the beautiful and heartless Noelle and the simple and affable Catherine, find their lives intertwined as they both fall in love with the same man, the handsome and irresistible RAF pilot Larry Douglas.  The novel is a heady cocktail of Love, betrayal, glamour, deceit and revenge in true Sheldon style. Not only does he create some unforgettable characters in Noelle, Catherine and Larry, the supporting characters, be it Bill or Armand or Costa, are also extremely well written. The climax, again in true Sheldon style, has an unexpected twist which will blow you away, but I will leave you to find it out for yourself.

MemoriesMemories of Midnight is a sequel to the Other side of Midnight and without revealing much about the 1st book, let’s just say that Catherine through a turn of events loses her memory and the sequel is about her trying to put the jigsaw puzzle of her life together. While the sequel is interesting too, it is a tad bit disappointing as compared to the 1st one. Looks like the 2nd one was written as an afterthought; may be to cash in on the immense popularity of the 1st book.

Do I recommend these books? AlwaysJ

4 Replies to “Other Side of Midnight and Memories of Midnight”

  1. yes! I love Sidney Sheldon. I went through a serious Sheldon phase when I was in my early 20s, and it all started with The Other SIde of Midnight. Good stuff.


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