You’ve got the wrong girl- strikes all the right chords

WrongPublished in 2015, You’ve got the Wrong Girl is Sreemoyee Piu Kundu’s 3rd Novel. I am sure you must have guessed from the name that it is a Love Story and No, not a sad one because he got the wrong girl, so take heartJ

I really liked the name of the book, it is interesting isn’t it? A love story about the wrong girl or wait is it about the ‘you’ whose got the girl wrong, makes you curious. And then when you see the cover you know you have hit upon the right book for sure. It is nice and colourful with the Taj Mahal and a boat in the Ganges.

The story starts with Dushyant Singh Rathore at a Book Reading. So our Hero is a 30 something bestselling author of ‘Kinda Cliched’, his unfinished love story which starts and ends in a lawn in a Agra hotel hosting a wedding that he gate crashed into. Now he has to write the sequel, on one hand he has his publishers breathing down his neck and on the other is his journalist friend who insists he must find the one with ‘kohl-rimmed eyes’  ‘really tall stilettos’ and ‘bony shoulders’ who left him ‘butt-naked’. So Dushyant Singh Rathore starts on a journey to find his girl with abundant help from his faithful and lovable agent and friend Bhaskar.

SreemoyeeI loved the author’s writing style. There are plentiful dialogues and very believable ones at that. The conversation and emotions she brings forth will find a resonance with you. Her characterizations are bang on. Be it the bestselling-author-by-the-day-and-confused-sulking-romeo-by-the-night ‘Jaanoo’ or the street smart and loyal Bhaskar with a penchant for cheap Bengali porn or the ouch-my-polish-just-chipped kind of an attention seeker Anjali or the I-have-your-back-but-I-think-you-are-a-fool elder sister, her characters are beautifully etched. The only normal people in the book are Dushyant’s parents and of course the right girl.

It’s the kind of book where you’d literally say a silent prayer as Dushyant comes close to marrying the… well….you have got to read to find that out.

The climax is just so adorable, ‘kinda clichéd’, yes and very bollywoodish but adorable nonetheless. It is a very commercial book but well edited and well written. It kept me completely hooked and I enjoyed the book a lot. If this were a Hindi Movie you could say it was full paisa wasool

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