Zeal and Zen

I started this blog about a year back because I wanted to share my journey of reading a book. What I liked about the book, what I didn’t, how did it affect me? Did it disappoint me? I felt I needed to put all of these emotions on paper to find closure. Oh yes, I am of the type who keeps thinking about a book long after I have read it. So there was a lot time spent in looking for name. Why bookhippo you ask? Well because I am voracious reader, so I devour books like a hippo and the fact that I am quite the glutton, bookhippo just fit in perfectly.

It all started with a lot of zeal and zest. I would diligently write reviews every week after I finished reading a book and in case I hadn’t read anything or was still reading the book at the end of the week, I would post something or the other. The weeks then however stretched to a fortnight, then a month and at the end of 6 months when I had a huge pile of books to be written about, I stopped.  Of course I had my reasons and valid ones, I have a full time job which I carry home most of the time and I have a 3 year old to manage. I however wondered how had I managed it for the couple of months in the beginning, but that’s all I did, kept wondering.

When I saw the A to Z Challenge, I entered it without a thought really. When the theme reveal happened, I had not yet given this a thought and I almost did not do this, but then on April 1st, I simply sat down and wrote my very first review ‘All the Light We Cannot See’, just like that . Yay!! I was super excited. The next few days went by smoothly but then it started becoming difficult. My son started school and I was given an additional assignment at work. I almost gave it up, because every management book will tell you to prioritize and of course my son and work were priority. So I almost gave up, well almost.

But here I am writing my last post and am happy that I completed this challenge because quitting isn’t done…Not done at all…Now that’s what I call a Zen moment;-)

P.S: Vasudha Chandana Gulati and Anupama Jain, if you are reading this, a big thank you, you both know why 🙂

5 Replies to “Zeal and Zen”

  1. “I am of the type who keeps thinking about a book long after I have read it. ”
    I’m like that too.
    Your posts make me want to read more. 📚📚
    I always wondered why ‘bookhippo’. Now I know. 😀
    Keep writing and inspiring, boss.


  2. It’s really amazing the way you multi-task. I too have a full -time job, but then, I don’t carry work home these days and my son is all of twelve. And most importantly, I have just begun…You are indeed a source of inspiration to those pursuing a job and write as well. Great going Esha!


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