The Girl Who Loved a Pirate

the-girlThe Girl who loved a Pirate is a 2015 thriller by Kulpreet Yadav. The book is the 2nd in the Andy Karan series, the first being Catching the Departed. The book revolves around Andy Karan, our very own desi Action Hero.  An ex serviceman, the suave and  sharp Andy is the star investigator of New Delhi Today magazine by the day and an undercover agent working for the Government of India at other times.

I had totally loved the first Andy Karan book and so was really looking forward to this one and I must say the author does not disappoint.  What excites me about the series is that we finally have a home grown Jack Reacher a la Andy Karan. If the first one had him investigating a dirty bomb, the 2nd one has him fighting a pirate, yes you heard me right, a pirate!

The story starts with a high voltage pirate attack, the last such adventure for Ba-at, the ‘Pirate of the World’ before he settles down with the ‘only woman he had ever loved’ the beautiful and serene Dao Ming, but fate has other plans in store for him. While Ba-Qat prepares for attack in the Malacca Strait, Andy Karan is summoned by his boss to investigate the Drug Mafia in Goa, which has cost the life of one the reporters of the magazine Andy works for. As Andy heads to Goa little does he know that he would soon cross paths with the “Pirate of the World’ and fall in love with the beautiful Dao Ming.

The novel however takes a little time to warm up. The beginning where Andy is investigating the drug mafia in Goa is a little simplistic, with things falling in place all too quickly. Even Andy does not seem to be in his element and the story moves at a slow pace. But things pick up speed with the introduction of Rupa, the badass, sharp thinking, meticulous planner from NTRO. As she relates to Andy about their secret mission of attacking a North Korean ship off the coast of Goa you know you are in for some adrenalin pumping action and henceforth the author does not disappoint at all. The pace picks up, there is action galore both on land and the high seas and some well put together twists and surprises with just the right dosage of a love story.

kulpreetThe author has written some great action sequences; especially the one where Ba-Qat captures the North Korean ship is nail bitting. The author’s detailing of the entire mission, makes it an extremely interesting read, must say the book is very well researched.

If compared to the last book of the series, this book surely scores high. While in the first one, I found Andy and Monica’s love story forced into the storyline, here the author weaves in the love story beautifully.  ‘Silence is a beautiful story’ and so is his treatment of the love angle. If in the first book the ending seemed a little too simplistic and quick, the climax here is very well put together. He also gives us a glimpse of Andy Karan, the person, through his Prologue and the Manmohan Desai-ish back story of Ba-Qat’s birth gives it that Bollywood touch which makes it a total paisa vasool read

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