Have you Mocked, Stalked and Quarreled yet??

img-20161123-wa0016Friends, Indians, countrymen

Lend me thy ears

This Friday, the 25th of November, a very important book is due to be launched

What, you ask is, special about it?

Well, well, I would love to tell you all about it, but Big Brother is watching

It’s a Catch-22 [29 to be precise] situation you see, so I will just tell you that it is a book of satirical tales by 29 wonderful writers

If you wish to know more you need not travel to any Animal Farm, but to the IIFT Campus

You can make it, can’t you? If Gulliver could travel the world, you can surely come to support us

By Jeeves, you can!

So before anyone uses a Magoj-dholai [brainwashing] machine to dissuade you

Mock them away, let laziness not stalk you

I Promise we won’t Quarrel, just entertain you with lots of humour, and maybe shake you up a bit

Your presence will make us feel high up in The Clouds

So come over, we will talk Of Mice and Men and other things under the sun

Did I mention it’s this Friday, November the 25th? No not 1984, 2016 it is!

Stalk us at


To Mock [with] us, like our Facebook page:


But don’t you Quarrel, we have copies available on Amazon for you to buy:

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