Just another day – Not just another book!!

I happened to read Just Another Day on my way back home after a particularly a long day at work. Though this is the debut book of Piyusha Vir, she is no stranger to the world of writing and I quite enjoy reading her; she has this quirky, easy-breezy style of writing which is unpretentious and hence very relatable, so I was sure I would enjoy it. And I must say as I turned over to the first page where the protagonist was talking about getting pally with a murderer in a…umm..very non-chalant way…I knew this is just what the doctor would prescribe at the end of a long long day….but I was so WRONG…because by the time I reached the 3rd and last story [yes, its short and sweet, just 3 stories] I knew it was nothing like a prescription…rather, more like that shot of tequila…quick and effective;-)

The stories start off very simply, one is about a writers circle…or rather a murder at a writers circle..well..you see so normal…happens all the time…Huh!! and if that weren’t enough to intrigue you, there is also a twist at the end…Oh wait…where did that come from? and that is the USP of the book. You can never imagine what is going to happen [unless you cheat and read the last page first…DO NOT DO THAT!].

The 2nd thing that works for me is that each of the stories are different from each other so it never becomes predictable or boring. And the fact that the short stories are pretty short, shorter than the usual length, it is no mean feat that the writer has been able to still  to make the stories believable, the characters well etched out and even manages to surprise,and in some cases shock, the readers.

The 2nd story especially, though it starts off a little rant-ish…but the writer quickly takes charge and give you a now-heart-warming, now-edge-of-the-seat, now heart-breaking story. The ending had me shocked and stunned!

My favourite story however is the last one…a far cry from the first two stories, this is romance at its best…first crush anyone? totally awww-worthy, it is bound to bring a smile on your face and I was amazed by the writers attention to detail…but wait there a twist here too…a twist which probably wont shock you, but will make you question stereotypes and prejudices…now that again is not a simple task, to make the reader think about an issue without even talking about it.

Go ahead and read it…because Just Another day isn’t Just another book, its entertaining, thought provoking and the perfect read on the go!!




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