Freshly brewed resolutions!

Year ends are like hangovers…Duh…Einstein! you’d say sipping that much needed strong coffee…Well No! that’s not the hangover I am talking about here…I mean yes that too…but this is more of the taking-stock-of-the-year-gone-by hangover, the realisation that another year just flew by….another round of counting your blessings, another round of coming to terms with missed chances and another round of freshly brewed resolutions….and yes some more coffee too…

I have been wondering for quite some days now, how to sum up 2018…what a roller coaster it has been, highs and lows in equal measure, but what a great teacher the last year has been. It truly has been a year of finding myself…of realising what matters, of realising that its all about how you choose to look at things, of realising the only good reason to do anything is because you truly want to do it, of realising the only option you have is to move ahead!

And so, moving ahead…I decided to do everything today, that I want to do through the next year. Now this is something my father strongly believed. This was the only day during winter vacations when he’d insist, I’d study, especially subjects I had difficulty with so it becomes a habit. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner used to be a mighty affair, with either friends and relatives coming over or we giving them a visit. The harmonium would come out in the evening and we’d sing amidst innumerable rounds of tea.

First we eat then we do everything else

So, continuing with the tradition, the menu was the first thing we decided. And because the husband and me are seriously trying to cut down on eating outs, the husband has taken it upon himself to cook the dinner and I cannot be happier. Not only because he is a wonderful cook but because how much ever I like cooking, I’d rather not start my year in the kitchen, because then you see, I might end up spending a lot more time in the kitchen than I intend to for the rest of the year. So, this works just wonderfully for me….

The worst thing you write is better than the best thing you never wrote

Or so they say and hence what I also intend to do this year is to write more. Come to think of it, writing is like the best friend you have, who I have taken for granted, neglected, deprioritised and yet every time I have had enough of the world and have gone back to it, it has smiled and comforted me…no complaints, no judgements. So yes, I hope to be more regular with my writing. I still don’t have a measurable target or plan on what I intend to write…getting back into the game in all I am eyeing at this point.

The only reason I am fat is because my body can’t store all this personality

Or in other words ‘dil behlane ko khayal accha hain Ghalib’ so the biggest thing that I plan on changing this year is adopting a healthy lifestyle…While for most people I know, losing weight happens to be great motivator, I am way too comfortable in my skin for that and hence nothing seems to work for me, nor the expanding inches or the ever-increasing weight. What however seems to be working now is my 5-year old lecturing me on healthy food and junk food (damn those EVS classes in school) …so no refined sugar, no outside food, no aerated drinks and no deep-fried stuff…man that just felt like writing out my non-existent savings to a stranger! Difficult but worth a try I guess…the foodie in me is currently trying to reach an amicable agreement with the brain on the date when I start this….umm…soon?

Curiosity might have killed the cat….but we aren’t cats

What is a fit body without a curious mind? Now this is something I started last year and wish to continue this year too…learning! Last year it was picking up a skill, this year I intend to learn something related to my area of work! I consciously want to dedicate atleast 2.5 hours every week to learning something new. In fact that’s something I intend to extend to my reading list too…This year I plan on including more non-fiction, more translations and read varied writers, writers I haven’t read at all. So, starting the year with Meghna Gulzar’s ‘Because he is’ looks just apt., I already have Becoming by Michele Obama and Beyonce’s biography lined up next along with some exciting translations.

And last but not the least…just be more kind to myself…travel more, read more, dance more and just spend more and more time with people who matter.

So, here’s to 2019!

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