#XploreBharat blog train begins its journey!

This is that moment…when you are packing in the last items

Checking the passport, the tickets, kids…that moment of utter chaos and panic

This is also that moment…when you are as excited as a little child…because you have a journey to begin, a new destination to explore and just unwind and be your carefree self!

As I write this post amidst endless whatsapp chats with my fellow hosts just a couple of hours away from #XploreBharat beginning its maiden journey…I feel excited and nervous at the same time!

BlogboosterIndia started its journey in September last year…brought together by ‘My Friend Alexa’ we 11 bloggers formed a wonderful bond learning from each other, encouraging, chiding, disagreeing, blogging and sharing a good laugh at the end of the day! And thats when we discovered a passion that we all shared, that of travelling. What started off as a casual chat a couple of days before the 70th Republic day turned into this #XploreBharat Blog Train within a matter of a few hundred whatsapp messages and since then what a roller coaster it has been!

But whats a journey without friends….so we decided to invite our blogger friends to this Blog Train.

70 posts for 70 destinations!

From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, this blog train is going to be one great journey!

As  the #XploreBharat Blog Train pulls out of Wagah tomorrow morning,  join us on Blog Booster India and follow us on @BlogboosterIND  and follow our wonderful bloggers for a journey of a lifetime….

Introducing our first set of Guest Bloggers

Anshu Bhojanagarwala        Anupriya Gupta        Jayanthi Manikandan    Jennifer Sayyed

Maya Bhat      Pooja Buddhiraja       Pragnya Mishra       Rajesh Nilkanth Kahkikar

Sitharaam Jayakumar       Sthuti Panigrahy Singh         Vijayalakshmi Harish

The #XploreBharat Blog Train is hosted by the following maverick bloggers:

Aditi Kapoor – https://aditikapur.com/

Esha Chakraborty – https://bookhippo.wordpress.com/

Maheshwaran Jothi – http://travel.mjothi.com/

Pragun – https://praguntatwa.wordpress.com/blog/

Preeti – https://preetispanorama.com/

Saba – https://saba-relishingrascal-scribbles.com/

Sanjota – https://www.hackytips.com/

Sonia Chatterjee – https://soniasmusings.com/

Sudip Saha – http://thebloggersdiary.com/

Suhasini Vijay – https://shravmusings.com

Supriya – http://littleduniya.com/

Also introducing our first sponsor for the Blog Train


https://twitter.com/FabZania    https://www.facebook.com/FabZania

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