#XploreBharat, come travel with us as we explore India

235x96_top-indivine-postOh! What a week this has been, reading some amazing travelogues, welcoming more new bloggers onboard, finalising the #XploreBharat itinerary, late nights, endless cups of chai, rounds and rounds and rounds of discussions…everything that a train journey with friends is supposed to be…just that its virtual…that’s all, but the energy and excitement are real and so infectious.

As I continue to add to my bucket list of places to visit…my bank balance giving me unhappy glances…here’s a recap of all the places we have been to in the last week!

We started on a high with Pragun, witnessing the Beating Retreat at Attari- Wagah Border

Next up, Mahesh took us to the Toilet Museum in Delhi, a rightful reminder to follow swachhta as we travel around the country

After the cold North, as Maya welcomed us to her serene hometown Kanhangad, we were thankful for the warmth

Sudip then took us to the temples for Somnath and Dwarka, so we could pray for a great journey ahead

With the Gods beside us, we jumped over to neighboring Jaipur, for some shopping and good food

And since we were in the vicinity, Aditi suggested, we cannot miss the City Beautiful- Chandigarh, and what a trip that turned to be

Today we head to the south again, taking the joyous toy train ride to the Queen of hills- Ooty with Jai

Excited already? well we are too, because this is just the beginning….we have 63 more places to travel to….so stay tuned and follow us at Blog Booster India and  @BlogboosterIND  for all the action!!

And no we aren’t alone, we have some wonderful bloggers aboard the #XploreBharat blog train…you met a few of them last week, here’s a shout out to the final set of guest bloggers….Welcome aboard!

Ajit YadavIsha, Kathakali Mukherjee, Manas Mukul, Mayuri Nidigallu, Monika, Pallavi, Prerna Wahi, Ritika Kapoor Ghuman, Rohan Kachalia, Sapna Bansal, Seema Taneja, Sona Grover, Sonali Chauhan, Ujjwal Mishra, Vartika Gakhar

A big thanks of course to our sponsors for making this journey even more special!


Kaiv, a personal grooming accessory and appliances brand offering a wide range of world-class products.


img_20190131_231518FabZania, an upcoming Food, Travel, Entertainment and Lifestyle web portal

The #XploreBharat blog train is hosted by 11 maverick travel bloggers…say hello to them!

AditiEshaMaheshwaranPraGunPreeti,Saba, SanjotaSoniaSudipSuhasini


See you around….till then keep #Xploring!!



6 Replies to “#XploreBharat, come travel with us as we explore India”

  1. Fab!!! You have looped in the first week of this virtual travel so beautifully. and yes!! it is becoming addictive. looking up on the net every day to find a new place in this series is becoming a subconscious habit which m loving totally


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