Valentine’s Day – Romantic movies to binge watch

Its raining cats and dogs in Delhi as I write this, just the perfect set up to cosy up with your valentine with a hot cuppa coffee! But then it’s a Thursday too and people have work to do…Sigh!

That’s however no reason to not celebrate love! So whether you are the non-believer ‘Valentines-day-is-just-another-commercial-gimmick-types’ or ‘Its-for-teenagers’ types or the ‘Whats-all-this-hulla-baloo-about-everyday-is-a-day-to-celebrate-love-types’ or just someone like me and my husband who are too unromantic to plan candle light dinners or buy red roses….there is no harm in squeezing out just a little bit of time for your partner today. Maybe have breakfast together or bring out that bottle of wine over dinner at home tonight, or just may be come home a little early from work or plan a late start for tomorrow….

So, for all those not going out for a fancy date tonight (I hear you 😉) and for all those who are single today (lucky lucky you 😉) Here’s my list of favourite romantic movies to binge watch tonight! Go, bring out that popcorn and some death by chocolate and let the movies begin!

Pride and PrejudicePride & Prejudice – No, not the movie but the series, starring Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy and Jennifer Ehle as Elizabeth Bennet. That Pride & Prejudice is the great grand daddy of most romantic film plots ever made is no secret. I must admit that I might have also had a major crush on the handsome, aloof, arrogant and yet charming Darcy (yeah, I can be crazy like that).  I liked the series better than the Keira Knightly movie, much more in fact. Colin Firth is to die for….so this is a must watch. I think this is available on Netflix and Amazon Prime both, so go!

PS Ilove youP. S I Love you – Why a movie which starts with the hero’s funeral you ask…because it just reaffirms your faith in love, that ‘everlasting’ types. Holly and Gerry are every couple, they are deeply in love and yet they fight, argue, bang doors….and so their love story is something you relate to so well. This is a movie which, despite being built on a heart-breaking premise of loosing a loved one, fills you with love, possibilities and hope. It is the most heart-warming love stories I have ever seen. This will definitely make you value your partner more, in fact it will make you value yourself more….

Posternotebook (1)The Notebook – Okay okay I get it, a tear jerker again…. but then what do I do…. thats what a great love story does to you. While yes, The Notebook is cliched and has all the usual trappings of a love story, yet it truly tugs at your heartstrings. Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams are superb in the movie as Noah and Allie. So, if you are looking for loads of mush, tears and the proverbial janam-janam-ka-pyar, get your hands on that tissue box

HowToLoseAGuyimpHow to lose a guy in 10 days – Because Mathew McConaughey….and because its fun, beautiful, she doesn’t eventually lose the guy and…Mathew McConaughey of course!

Maine Pyar KiyaMaine Pyar Kiya – I mean really, you didn’t see this coming? Are you kidding me, this has to be the baap of all romances… I mean from ek ladka aur ladki dost nahin ban sakte to matar chheelna to kabooters delivering love letters to weird dance steps to shirtless Salman Khan…this movie has earned its place here. So, go watch it for the umpteenth time….

Special Mentions!!



5 Replies to “Valentine’s Day – Romantic movies to binge watch”

  1. Such an awesome list, Maine Pyar Kiya and P&P are my favs too, in fact I liked the tele series more than the movie itself because of Colin Firth. BTW, I have not watched Bandini, will check it out. Also, I would like to add Bridges of the Madison County, When Harry met Sally, You’ve got mail, Notting Hill, Pretty Woman. I have spent many Valentine’s Day binge watching all these romcoms.

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