All the world and some pixie dust! #A2ZChallenge

As we start, let’s start right from the beginning…when we were young and fearless and had the guts to believe…in magic, in goodness, in being able to fly; in being able to do anything we wished for. And then? well, we grew up, except Peter Pan!

Peter 3Remember Peter Pan of Neverland islands? with his crew and Tinker Bell and the evil Captain Hook? Remember how everything could be set right with just a little bit of faith and pixie dust? Because Peter Pan believed ‘All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust’!

Peter 2Did you know that Peter Pan, who we know through the Disney movie, actually made his first appearance in 1902 as a small chapter in a play by J. M Barrie?  So popular was the character that Peter Pan came into his own in 1906. In fact, Kensington Park in London has a statue of him. And why not, because Pan reflects the child in all of us. By not growing up, Peter Pan, gives wings to the forever optimist in all of us, not effected by the cynicism of adulthood, someone who is easy to trust, someone who is fearless enough to take the leap of faith …you might call it escapism, I call it the magic of an unbridled and free heart and …umm…a teeny weeny bit of pixie dust.

So this #A2ZChallenge let A be for Abandon!

43 Replies to “All the world and some pixie dust! #A2ZChallenge”

  1. Peter Pan is one of my favoruite stories, one of my favourite characters… and I’m not even sure why. I love his fearceness and his questionable logic. He is a fantastic character.


  2. I loved this book when I was a kid (it felt much “darker” than Disney movie) – thank you for reminding me about it.
    I don’t remember that particular quote, but it’s been good 25 years since I read the book and I was reading it in Polish, so it might have been lost in translation.


    1. You are right, the book in fact is a bit darker than the disney movie… See even I dont remember exactly when the quote comes it a long time back but quote has somehow stayed with ever since

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      1. Oh, I have the quotes like that! (and in general, most original material is darker when compared to its Disney adaptation, isn’t it?)


  3. What a beautiful start to the challenge, Esha!
    A for Abandon, and such lovely thoughts to make you do so.
    Thanks for this sprinkling of hope and faith.
    Looking forward to some more magic woven by your words.


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