Curioser plz…logic be damned! #A2ZChallenge #BlogChatterA2Z

Remember that little girl who went down the rabbit hole? By Alice, the adventures she had. You must at least remember the The Mad Hatter’s tea party which had no tea? Or the Queen of hearts who had no heart! (Shhh…don’t tell her that, lest she goes ‘Off with their heads’) …Of course you do!

There are some books and movies which I call ‘eternally new’…because every time you re-read it, it has a different meaning. As a child Alice’s adventures was a fun read, you read and giggled and laughed. And then you read it again when you are a little grown up and you ended up discovering themes that you didn’t care about before. I remember re-reading it in college only to realize its also a coming of age story. And when I sat down to re-read it for the A 2 Z Challenge, I found it inspirational. I know you must be rolling your eyes here…Alice and Inspirational?

Well then…remember the forever grinning Cheshire Cat? When he tells Alice ‘I’m not crazy. My reality is just different from yours?’ Lewis Carol wrote this in 1865 and yet we have spent 2 centuries simply conforming and forcing others to conform. Each one of us are our own person, our paths, thoughts, quirks, actions, dreams, desires ought to be different. We aren’t crazy…just different….

So let’s be Alice, let’s explore our wonderland of strengths, lets come to terms with our weaknesses, lets be curious enough to learn new things, whatever age you might be. So next time a new crazy adventure tells you ‘Drink me’ drink it up Or a new dream knocks at your mind’s door, even if you aren’t sure where you its going to lead you just follow through because at times ‘its doesn’t matter which way you go’…the journey is more important! And remember even if you fail, going down the rabbit hole ain’t always bad!

So, this A2Z Challenge let C be for ‘Curioser Curioser’ logic be damned

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