Good friends, Great friends #famouslines #A2ZChallenge #BlogchatterAtoZ

When talking about friendships how can you not think about the women of Wisteria Lane… Yess.. I am talking about the Desperate Housewives. Remember Gabriele, Bree, Lynette and Susan?

This remains one of my favourite series on female friendships. But have you noticed that films and series on female friendships are so few and far between? I remember watching the interviews of the cast of Ocean’s 8 and the only big question was if the all female cast got along or not! Phew…but more on that later…

Desperate housewives gave us some very relatable characters…normal housewives battling with loveless marriages, cheating husbands, too many children, teenage tantrums…and yet standing by each other…in short as I like to call them… the sanity keepers. We all have such friends in our lives… friends who wouldnt judge you come what may….friends who can always count on! Or like Mary Alice puts it ‘Only the best of friends will stay long after the party is over to help clean up the mess’ while this is said in a slightly crooked context in the series…its true nonetheless

But my favourite line from the series which completely sums up the frienships in my life comes right up from Season 1…The Ladies who Lunch… Bree telling Gabriele ‘Good friends offer to help in a crisis, great friends do not take no for an answer’ Indeed… Indeed

So this ones dedicated to all those friends of mine who have made my life richer, happier and saner… This A2Z let G be a celebration of those Great Friendships which keep us going.

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