Ja simran ja… #famouslines #A2ZChallenge #BlogChatterA2Z

When you are talking about famous lines from books, films and literature…especially when you look at all the dialogues from films which has inspired you or taken your breath away or has simply remained with you lodged comfortably at the tip of your tongue… One cannot ignore bollywood… Can one?

Lets accept it, dont we find oueselves quoting from hindi films more often than not? In fact there is a dialogue for every occassion…from “I hate tears” to “don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahin namumkin hain” (it aint difficult its outright impossible) to “ek ladka aur ladki kabhi dost nahin ban sakte” (a boy and girl can never be just friends… Yeah I know I know debatable but then what would you do without it if you had to tease that friend of yours about her crush?) to “hum aapke hain kaun” (Is there something between us?) to more recently “hows the josh“… Its almost difficult to go by a day without either uttering one of these lines or these lines being thrown at you. Then ofcourse theres Dharmendra and his animal loving ilk with some cringeworthy yet memorable dialogues…

But the movie which probably gave us #lovegoals and the best one liners has to be Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge aka DDLJ. I think I spent my entire teenage waiting for an all girls trip to anywhere but my bauji didn’t budge like Simran’s did…so well that trip never happened!

But nonetheless Simran’ bauji gave us “Ja simran ja.. Jee le apni zindagi” (go, life your life) and thats good enough for me! I am sure if we were to do a survey… this line would undoubtedly win the most quoted line in history. That its the ultimate freedom mantra elevates it another level altogether. Because afterall we have just one life… and what better than to just live it up…

So this A2Z lets bask in the Joy of living it up to the fullest with J!

21 Replies to “Ja simran ja… #famouslines #A2ZChallenge #BlogChatterA2Z”

  1. the dialogue that lived and still is living in everyone’s heart and guess what I have a local event lined up and in guess the movie game has included this dialogue too.


  2. Our life is incomplete without this line! In our filmy family, we have even recreated this scene in a station while bidding goodbye to a bride. It was hilarious.


  3. Awww how I loved this post and don’t know why I was blushing lol. By the way, this is one of my favorite lines too which I often use.


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