To Dare or not to Dare – The Bloggers League 2022

A couple of years ago I read Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In. A great book and I highly recommend it. I wrote a raving review about the book in this very blog –

There was a question though in the book that stayed with me, a question I unsuccessfully tried finding an answer to…’What would you do if you weren’t afraid?’ An extremely valid question, but an equally difficult one.

How can one not be afraid? After trying to find an answer for a few years I gave up. I decided, this was for extraordinary women, fearless women who can take on the world and I was definitely not one of them.

Circa 2021, when my tryst with pain, loss and grief started like a lot of other people thanks to this (never-ending) pandemic. And my way of dealing with it was to shut myself up. I probably thought if I shut out the world, I wouldn’t need to deal with reality. I started reading again, to distract myself to begin with and one of the first books I read was ‘Daring Greatly’

…If books could save lives

Brene Brown, the author introduces herself as a ‘shame researcher’. She mentions that while researching on shame, she realized that people who are successful live whole heartedly. They present their authentic and imperfect selves to the world because they believe they are enough! They embrace their vulnerability and keep showing up! That’s when she started researching vulnerability and eventually wrote this book, after struggling with vulnerability herself.

I read this book at the lowest point of my life. At a time when I was almost about to give up on a much sought after opportunity at work, after having worked hard for it for almost 2 years!

Every time she spoke about showing up, I cried. because how could I? because not only had life dealt me a huge blow, it had taken away from me what little vanity I had…I wasn’t even enough and I definitely wasn’t brave!

But boy was she persistent! At no point did she preach, at no point did I feel ashamed for being so weak and powerless. Maybe because of her own struggles with vulnerability, but she writes empathetically. Reading the book felt like she was holding up a mirror to my fears and doubts and at the same time telling me that it was okay, that I was okay despite my vulnerabilities.

And then she asks ‘What is worth doing even if you fail?’ and that’s when I realized it was never about being fearless, it was never about being brave. It always was and is about acknowledging who you are. It is always about accepting your fears, your failures and your shortcomings. And that’s when I had my answer to Sheryl Sandberg’s question!

Like history is divided into BC and AD, my life could be divided into ND (Not daring) and DG (Daring Greatly). And everything I have done DG has been a leap of faith. I have decided to show up, with my fears and vulnerabilities in tow but with full intent. So here I am getting back to blogging after a full 2 years. Am I afraid? hell yes…but as Brene Brown quotes Theodore Roosevelt in her book…even if I fail, I will fail Daring Greatly!

if books could save lives…Daring Greatly saved mine!

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  1. May you get all the powers and strength you need… and adding this book right away in the tbr. Thanks for the rec❤❤❤


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