Must read audio books – The Bloggers League 2022

First up…a confession…I have been a purist for the longest time I remember. If I couldnt hold a book in my hands, smell the pages, I did not enjoy reading.

I read an audio book when they were just catching on and I found it underwhelming. But 2021 changed my perception completely. I have come to love audio books. I love how you can listen to a book when you are working out or doing groceries or doing some of the most hated, boring chores. I, in fact, started looking forward to working out despite the lazybones that I am just so I could listen to the next chapter!

I also have new found respect for audio book publishers because it isnt just about the plot or the characters but also the voice, the modulation. I have come to admire the effort that go into giving us the perfect audio book experience. So here I am listing out some of the favourite books I listened to in 2021.

Daring Greatly by Brene Brown – I have written about Daring Greatly in my previous post and I can go on and on about how the book changed my life, however I do think the book was all that more effective because I listened to it. It almost felt conversational and personal. And boy Brene Brown’s voice is beautiful, powerful yet soft. Yes, the book is read by Brene Brown herself.

This Close to Okay by Leesa Cross-Smith – Ah! another absolute absolute favourite. It is one of the best romances/drama I listened to last year. Its a story about compassion, about finding love again, about finding purpose in life again. Its about these two strangers who come across each other at the most unusual and distressing times in their lives and choose to trust one another. This one will reaffirm your faith in love and audio books!

Seven days in June by Tia Williams – Mushy, romantic and awwdorable….this romance with an unexpected ending is what love stories are made of. Sensitive and empowering with a kickass female lead…its an absolute must read. Plus there are lots of references to books, book clubs, characters and plots (the protagonists are writers!) so yeah a bookworm’s delight. The audio performance just adds to the experience many folds!

Do you listen to audio books? Tell me your favourite ones in the comments below.

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10 Replies to “Must read audio books – The Bloggers League 2022”

  1. First I lost interests when reading first lines of Seven days in June, but yeah, you got me when you said “the protagonists are writers!”..


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