Freshly brewed resolutions!

Year ends are like hangovers…Duh…Einstein! you’d say sipping that much needed strong coffee…Well No! that’s not the hangover I am talking about here…I mean yes that too…but this is more of the taking-stock-of-the-year-gone-by hangover, the realisation that another year just flew by….another round of counting your blessings, another round of coming to terms with missed …


The Hungry Tides #TheBlindList

I met him on my visit home from the hostel. I saw him digging away in the lush green lawn. He looked up to take a look at me through his blank, deep set eyes and then got back to his work again. The first rains of the season had just paid our town a …


Amma is coming home today. My Amma, my favorite… Amma, with her big red bindi and colorful silks, her matching jhumkas and tinkling anklets. My grandfather loved to see her that way and so did we. After he passed away Amma continued wearing the big red bindi, afterall that’s how my grandfather loved her isn’t …

Love Letter

Animesh pushed through the crowd with Anir, his 3 year old atop his shoulder, to get a glimpse of the 30 feet Durga. Anir squealed with joy, oblivious to the heat and noise. This was Anir 2nd visit to India after almost 3 years. Though Animesh was born and brought up in Calcutta, he had …

The Breakup

I knew before even looking at the vibrating phone, that it was Radhika. Did you have your lunch? she’d ask, I’d say yes. She would sense the dejection in my voice and ask me if I had seen the latest celebrity fitness video (babes you must watch Namrata and Kareena’s Pilates video, its rocking), I’d …

The Curious Case of the Missing Working Dads!

Contrary to popular and the more accepted societal norms which puts the onus of bringing up children largely on the mother, I have believed that both parents are equally responsible for it…I find it disheartening that a woman needs to choose between a career and motherhood most of the times when this choice does not feature anywhere in a man’s world…it is unheard of….and the men aren’t alone to blame, the society at large talks about working mothers but I am yet to hear anyone talk about the working father…I see organisations going an extra mile to make working mothers comfortable.. .without a thought for the workin fathers…its time we start talking about working parents…


First things first, this wasn’t what I set out to write. It was supposed to be a piece on working mothers. The quintessential supermom who aces at work, manages kids like it’s a child’s play, cooks up the most healthy and tasty meals without a hair out of place. Yeah, the kind legends are made of; the kind you keep reading about but never see. So to avoid what all had already been written about, and to unleash upon the world my very own never-before-heard-of ‘gyan’ I shunned the internet and got to writing it. But then it struck me, where the hell are the working dads? Uh, well correction ‘Indian working dads’. Because apparently if you go by the internet, it’s the woman who does everything. She is the one who needs to know how to bring up a child, how to balance work- life, how to know what…

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Let us Mock, Stalk & Quarrel

Anupama…captures the essence of the book like no one else…😊😊


15111089_1167050083364261_1330858925931304118_oA wikipedia would define Satire as a genre of literature in which the vices, follies, abuses, and shortcomings of individuals, corporations, government, or society are held up to ridicule, ideally hoping for an improvement. A feature of satire is strong irony or sarcasm. Although satire is usually meant to be humorous, it’s greater purpose is constructive social criticism, using wit to draw attention to both particular and wider issues in society.

We are seeing some solid society churning. In such times, a true writer uses the pen to echo the turmoil around.

Whether it is the gentle mocking at the wax figures who masquerade as role models, 

or the goddesses mulling over festering sores of gender inequalities 

The domestic drivels or the mismanaged familial relationships or the idiosyncrasies of our daily humdrum

When knowledge acquisition suffers a collateral damage as you go chasing degrees, 

When even after 70 years of…

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