DEFIANT DREAMS – Tales of Everyday Divas

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Chillies & Porridge – A book of Senses

For a food lover or more specifically a Bengali, the measure of a good or a bad day, is pretty much dependent on how good or bad their gastronomic experience was for the day. Especially if it’s a Sunday or a Holiday, elaborate discussions go into planning each of the days meals. Being a Bengali …

Bound in love, with a twist!

To begin with, let me share that I am more inclined towards novels than short stories. I like to spend time with a book, read it leisurely, soak it all in and get transported to the world of the characters. Short stories for me are like this really sinful chocolate fudge served to you in …

All the Light We Cannot See – Heartbreakingly beautiful

Published in 2014, All the Light We Cannot See is the 5th Novel of Anthony Doerr. Set in the backdrop of the German occupation of France during the 2nd World War, the novel traces the lives of the blind Marie-Laure LeBlanc and the Orphan Werner Pfenning whose paths cross at the threshold of death. The …

Review: Defiant Dreams

Jean Spraker

Editor’s note

Although I have never met them, I know several of the contributors to this volume, mostly through the online Facebook group For Writers, By Authors. I was a beta reader of Radhika Maira Tabrez’s short story in this volume, Built From the Ashes. Anirban Nanda has beta read for me. When Rhiti Bose approached me about providing a free review copy of this book, I agreed because I could not buy the ebook on and wanted to read Radhika and Anirban’s stories. As a rule, I do not accept free review copies. I prefer to buy the books I review because it supports the author. But, I made an exception for this volume. Whether my review is colored by bias is for you to decide.

About the book

Defiant Dreams: Tales of Everyday Divas is a short story collection from Incredible Women of India, an online magazine…

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Female Genital Mutilation by Esha Chakraborty


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Female Genital Mutilation:

A violation of a woman’s most basic Right to Health

“My two sisters, myself and our mother went to visit our family back home. I assumed we were going for a holiday. A bit later they told us that we were going to be infibulated. The day before our operation was due to take place, another girl was infibulated and she died because of the operation. We were so scared and didn’t want to suffer the same fate. But our parents told us it was an obligation, so we went. We fought back; we really thought we were going to die because of the pain. You have one woman holding your mouth so you won’t scream, two holding your chest and the other two holding your legs. After we were infibulated, we had rope tied across our legs so it was like we had to learn to…

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The Girl on the Train – Keeps you guessing till the end!

The Girl on the Train is a Psychological thriller written by British author Paula Hawkins. Published in 2015, the book touted as the ‘next Gone Girl’ is an edgy thriller. An alcoholic, Rachel has the most monotonous, aimless and mundane existence, till she gets involved in the disappearance and murder of a woman called Megan, …