Perfect valentine gift – The Love Hypothesis – The Bloggers League 2022

Love stories are dicey…they can either make you go weak in the knees or turn out to be just another run of the mill. The biggest turn off for me in a love story is when you can see it coming, which happens with most romances I read (blame it on the innumerable love stories I have read) and hence I kind of avoid love stories.

And so I resisted “The Love Hypothesis” (by Ali Hazelwood) forever until I gave in…I mean what a cute book cover, can you even blame me? And when I discovered the author is a neuroscientist, it definitely piqued my interest.

The book starts with a girl (Olive) struggling with expired lenses in the restroom of the college she is planning to get admitted to and there is some conversation about why one should pursue research and a man she cant even see properly (because expired lenses). Well …yes…not what you expect!

And thats what sets this book apart, so yes it does have all the tropes, the misfit, doomed-in-love girl -Olive, the handsome but most hated man on campus -Adam, lots of dates (fake ones…shhh), lots of coffee, oops….spice pumpkin lattes to be specific and yet the author manages to spin an absolutely lovable, I-didnt-see-this-coming love story. While I couldnt put it down and finished it at one go, I kind of missed Adam and Olive once it was over.

The book is written so well, it flows beautifully and is perfectly paced with not one dull moment. And probably because the author is a neuroscientist, her observations on academecia, the representation of women in sciences and the life of reasearch students is so close to reality.

What got me totally was how beautifully she writes about falling in love…I had a smile on my face throughout. If you have been in love you’d see yourself in Olive or Adam!

It is one of the best love stories, I have read in a while. And given that this is Ali Hazelwood’s debut novel…I say wow!

So go ahead and pick this up as the perfect valentine gift. My hypothesis says you’d love it!

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