Spice-Spice baby! #vdayblogtrain

I shoved my laptop into the bag and rushed to the elevator, trying hard not to trip on the folds of the saree which now hung precariously on me. The elevator was almost closing shut, but for the laptop bag which I flung between the closing doors. But newton’s law…the elevator must now stop at every floor, I wanted to curse out aloud…I was going to be late today, again….

I rushed out of the elevator the moment it stopped at the basement and ran towards the car.

The last few weeks had been difficult, trying to find meaning in a new found relationship status. Trying to look for that elusive balance between the wife and the working woman. Berating myself for not being able to juggle everything all at once.  Trying to find my space in the volley of relationships thrown at me all at once, just like my Roxane Gays and Rebecca Solnits struggled for space in the already overflowing bookshelf of superhereos.

I had to talk to the husband, I needed his HELP….

It was the tang of roasted red chilies that welcomed me home as I literally sprinted from the car park to the main door. The splattering of the oil managed to lift my sagging spirits a bit. I walked towards the kitchen and there he was, his strong back towards me, the sleeves creasing over the rippling biceps as he ground the garam masala on the grind stone; yes he was old school that way. As he scrapped the masala from the grindstone with his sinewed hands, I couldn’t help but notice how strong they were and yet so gentle, zephyr-like. He saw me from the corner of his eyes and his face lit up with the brightest of smiles. He beckoned me to come.

I tied my pallu around the waist and stepped in trying to figure what I should do…

‘Just sit, I have everything under control’ he grinned

I plopped myself up on the counter, unsure. He asked me about my day, told me about his…as he cut, peeled, mixed, stirred with the precision of a conductor, the kitchen tools his musical instruments, the simmering gravy his symphony.

He scooped up a little gravy on the edge of the spatula to taste, his eyes closed, brows furrowed, and then his lips curved into a smile, the same smile which lingers on his face whenever I am around.

‘Senorita’ he scooped up a spoonful of the crimson gravy and a juicy piece of mutton on to a bowl, handing it to me with pomp and flare.

‘Mmm’ I cooed, as I licked the bowl clean losing all semblance of gastronomic control. I had already lost my heart to the aroma of the korma; the spicy gravy tingling by taste buds now, made me fall head-over-heels-in-love with the korma and the man behind the apron, again.

But that was years back…

It’s been 8 years since that day….I have, over the years, managed to figure out my space in this relationship, and so have my Roxane Gays and Rebecca Solnits….I still get late from work, and I still feel guilty (albeit for missing out on watching our favourite series together)

Did I talk to him that day you ask? Oh yes yes, I did…and he refused to ‘help’…because isn’t the house for both of us to keep he said…so we decided to share the load instead, equally, life partners Et al…

Does he still cook? Well yes he does, just like I do….just like most women do and never get asked this question…..

But since you asked…he does cook, especially the korma!

In fact why don’t you come home for Dinner someday? Everyone says the food at our place is unlike anything they have ever tasted anywhere…

Guess some recipes have secret spices, some marriages too…the spice called equality!


“This post is a part of the Valentine’s Day blog train hosted by www.prernawahi.com www.vartikasdiary.com, sponsored by ShilpSa, Kalpavriksha farms & Neha from @bloggingmadeeasier ”

I wrote on the prompt ‘How your spouse made your life spicy?’

84 Replies to “Spice-Spice baby! #vdayblogtrain”

  1. Hey that’s a great excerpt from your life. I want to point out that you’ve picked to share a very simple story that means a lot.. 8 years and many more to go!


  2. Amazing mix..both the story and the narration!
    Dont you think Esha its crime to set such high couple goals? Hahahaha…
    Absolutely refreshing, entertaining, thought provoking and mystic post! Kudos.


  3. Now here’s one thing that even my nearly perfect husband lacks — cooking. Loved your take on the prompt and flawless delivery. Good write-up!


  4. I must say you are soooooo lucky…god bless you both.i loved your style of writing..iam feeling hungry now after reading this .. imagining both of u in kitchen n cooking together…omg..so much romance❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


  5. wow, just loved reading your article. The articulation, the choice of words, the analogies, the sarcasm, the love, everything was in perfect balance. and who can resist falling for a man who cooks, lucky you.


  6. Wow loved the post and loved the message you had shared. indeed every relationship has a secret of success like a good recipe. and when all ingredients combine together it makes our taste and life better.


  7. I’m confused regarding which part to talk about in this post, honestly. The choice of words, the expression and the subtle message of equality, there was a deliciousness to this whole recipe that I could have over and over again (sans Mutton since I’m a vegetarian :-P).


  8. Well! Given that my husband would cook only if it would help him save his life, I am soooo jealous of your korma cooking husband. But really it was a such a poetic narrative. Thoroughly enjoyed it


  9. In India its so rare to find a relationship of equals, everyone happy in their own space still together. In the first year of marriage only I made a rule for myself that whatever my husband does in terms of household chores I never interrupt or say don’t do it, so now even kids know if the maid is on leave dad can also wash vessels and breakfast for everyone is his responsibility. Happy Me.


    1. Oh you have brought up such an important point…we need to start including the men right from the start… It isnt that they dont care or dont want to.. In most cases they just dont know any better because the havent seen their dads do it


  10. This isn’t just a valentines day post, Esha.
    There are so many delicate layers to it, It is a food post, a post of love, relationships, understanding (I could go on and on, but you get the gist, right?)
    This has to be my favorite post of the Blog Train.
    What a pleasure it was, reading it! Akin to eating chocolate on a cheat day!:)


  11. Every relationship has their own secret recipe. This is such a simple crisp yet impressive writing. Loved how you enveloped the recipe at the physical level and beyond.


  12. Loved, loved and totally loved the spice mix and the korma and the spiced up marriage of yours peppered with the most elusive Equality!!
    Stay blessed


  13. Mind-blowing blog! This is the equation between me and my husband and I always say there is no other “secret” of our happy marriage. Wish all the couples follow this. Wonderfully written.


  14. Wow…such a dream come true this blog is…husband cooking with so much enthusiasm…the recipe of this relationship is definitely spicy in a sweet way..!!! Will make my husband read this 😉


  15. The way you explained everything, the aroma of garam masala, the splattering of oil and finally the korma.. you painted the whole scene in front of my eyes. Beautiful. And yes, “some recipes have secret spices, some marriages too…the spice called equality”. #vdayblogtrain


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