My favourite Classics #TheBookBlogTrain

Books are uniquely portable magic said Stephen King and I am sure every booklover will agree..because dont books have the power to magically import us to anywhere in the world as you flip through its pages? Even time travel…to times long lost in history.

But of the hundreds books that we read in our lifetime…. there are some which have stood the test of time, which have enthralled generations and are an essential part of any book lovers’ reading journey….the best of the bests… The Classics!!

So lets get started with my favourite Classics!

Screenshot_20190328_230041Plays by Shakespeare – Now we all know Shakespeare’s immense contribution to literature. As the most successful and loved playwright of his times and times to come, he has given us some of the best plays. Macbeth, Julius Ceasar, Hamlet, Romeo & Juliet and Merchant of Venice are some of my personal favourites. While I totally understand reading and understanding Shakespeare can be quite a daunting task given that the launguage can be quite difficult to comprehend… yet reading shakespeare, I believe is an absolute must for his fabulous plots, rich dialogues and ofcourse the life lessons!!

Screenshot_20190328_230021Books by Charles Dickens – Dickens is undoubtedly my favourite writer. His understanding of relationships and emotions is unparalleled. His characters are immortal…be it Pip or Miss Havisham  from Great Expectations or Oliver Twist or Sydney Carton and Madame Dafarge of A Tale of Two cities, you cannot forget them. The richness and fluidity of his Language and the imagery… Aah! unparalleled.

Screenshot_20190329_004156Books by Jane Austen – Jane Austen can be easily credited as one of the first feminist writers. All her books have strong female protagonists…intelligent women with a mind of their own. Her depiction of 18th century British society is a history lesson in itself. Pride and Prejudice without a doubt is a classic and one of her best known and most loved works.

Screenshot_20190329_004255Books by Mark Twain – How does one imagine life without Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn! Your literary journey is clearly incomplete if you havent read the Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the latter a more pronounced satire on 18th century America and racism. Twain is considered one of the greatest writers ever… In fact Ernest Hemingway is known to have said once “All modern American literature comes from one book by Mark Twain called Huckleberry Finn

Screenshot_20190328_230243Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – Surprised? ..because despite the success and reverence that Sherlock Holmes enjoys, its not generally considered a great work of literature… In fact none from the genre of detective fiction seem to qualify to be called a classic. But for an eternal fan like me it is nothing short of being a classic!

Screenshot_20190328_230359To kill a mocking bird by Harper Lee- This undoubtedly is a book which is as relevant today as it was 60 years ago and will probably remain relevant for the next 60 as well. The empathy and simplicity in the story makes it a heartwarming read despite it dealing with serious issues such as rape and racial inequality. And who can forget the gentle, compassionate, virtuous and fearless Atticus Finch..the greatest Hero of American Cinema (Gregory Peck’s Atticus Finch from the movie adaptation)

Cheers to reading some great literature!

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